Branding Culture, CSM Granary Square

The Granary Square is located near King’s Cross St. Pancras, which was designed by Lewis Cubitt in 1852. In the past, the Granary was used for stored wheat for London’s bakers, however, the building has been gloriously restored by Stanton Williams Architects and overlooks the fountains of Granary Square. Recently, it is the location of Central Saint Martins.

The front door of the university extends 180 meters to the North, which also feature over 1000 fountains, and each of them is individually controlled and lit. During summer time, family and friends are really enjoying the scene with sunshine, and the kids love to play around the fountains. The Granary Square always holds festivals and events, such as musical festivals Traction, Africa Express, The Big Dance and even an ice cream festival. The Lumiere London 2016 also had the light show on the CSM building.




After I read the ‘Rebranding London: when monoculture preys on the authentic’, I realized each city and company had huge risk and hinder for being rebrand. Some people refuse to accept new things, others feel era is in change, so the society also needs to be updated.

Some International brands firstly think about what they want to occupy in consumers’ minds when the brand is building? Because they are very clear, they need to preinstall people’s attitude by impress the target audience, which determines the market position. As many brand experts believe that: “the brand is a association that present in the consumers mind stably, consistently and positively.”

However for the cities, the core of the old city reconstruction is not merely the improvement of construction, it is more depends on the reshaping of the city function and population, and get the balance of the various conditions in the operating process, is the key to achieve the target of guide urban vitality. In the reading, Julia Wilkinson at Shaftesbury PLC said, “Diversity then, within imposed constraints.” I not so sure about this, cause local people may have the choice to choose how the city will be and it will be better to have the same step with the citizens and the ‘designers’.


In modern society, people don’t want to waste time on anything that can finished in a faster way, such as read express edition book rather than classic look, offer a crash course rather than learn the things by themselves, or eat fast food rather than cook meal at home. McDonaldization is the product of speed up the pace of people’s life, is a product of too much to pursue fame and fortune, is the behavior of people Can’t do things steadfastly. In my opinion, McDonaldization can only fill the stomach, but do not have much nutrition, and it is not good for people’s ‘health’.

‘McDonaldization not only affects the restaurant business, but also education, work, travel, leisure-time activities, dieting, politics, the family, and virtually every other sector of society.’ (The McDonaldization of society)

The rules of McDonaldizaion is gradually dominate the American society and other parts of the world, more and more McDonald’s turn in the success of the core advantage based on its four important characteristics: for customers, employees and managers to provide efficient, metering, predictability and controllability.

However, McDonald’s has its reasonable place, and has brought great benefits to people, so that is also the reason why it has such a great attraction for people. For now, people may still can’t say goodbye to McDonaldization, but we have to rethink about how to break the ice of McDonaldization and seek for a higher quality survival mode. George Ritzer had mentioned a positive response to the McDonaldization, which is the reversal of McDonaldization, and strive to create a more rational and more human nature world.



Disneyization is a mirror of the modern commercial society development patterns and trends, however, hybrid consumption is an important embodiment of Disneyization and promote the formation of Disneyland multivariate profit model. In Disneyland gathering different tourism products together, is not only a simple mixed together, but around a theme and pay attention to the overall atmosphere of the fusion.

“The more needs you fulfill, the longer people stay.” Disney realized this principle very early, so they put the shopping, food, accommodation and amusement park perfect together. From the point of view of theme and store site, visitors have to go through a merchandise store to exit. Therefore, thanks to the collocation of merchandise sales and specific topics, Disney created many times the highest sales records of USA retail store per square foot.

Not only the stores, Disney using different holidays, formulate the corresponding holiday fares, such as one-day ticket, two-day ticket and three-day ticket, and the price is still different with ages. More people like to choose three-day ticket and stay for a leisure holiday, thus Disney peripheral catering, accommodation and so on also developed accordingly.


Westfield Stratford City


My group member and I had visited Westfield Stratford Shopping Center, and we discuss to think about these questions as follow:

  • Observe the people using Westfield and their behavior.
  • How would you describe them?
  • What are they doing?
  • Where do they gather?
  • How are they interacting with each other?
  • Do you think this is an inclusive or exclusive space?
  • What kinds of people do you not see here?
  • Are there any differences between the city and the shopping mall as space?

Westfield is a really huge shopping center, which include everything that you may need for your daily life. Therefore, so many people come here for shopping, eating or enjoy their daytime. When you enter the mall, you can feel how attentively the designer is, when the weather is nice, sunlight shined through the windows of the high ceiling with soft lightings, people will feel really enjoyable to shop here. And the structure of the mall also helps to reduce noise and disperse the crowd people with thoughtful arrangement shops and restaurants. Pianos, soft sofas, spas and massage chairs outside of the toilet, there are several places for people to have a rest when they tired of shopping or waiting for friends, the kids also have their own place for playing.

In my opinion, shopping mall is always better than shopping crossing the city. According to the editor of Visual Merchandizing and Store Design: “There is less leisure time today so people need to have fun. You have to use every trick in the book to keep those shoppers lingering longer.” However, a big shopping mall already collects every daily brand with thoughtful arrangement layout, people can find out what they need easily and do not need to worry about parking place and the weather. They can enjoy their time for shopping as long as they want.



The costume of The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby was written by American writer Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald in 1925. The background of the novel is set in long island and New York City in 1920s, it is about the white people in upper-middle class from modernization American society.


The movie is shown through the memories of a man who is called Nick. He has drawn into the amazing city life and began the exploration of New York. He rented a small house beside a big castle. Since then, he was attract by the mysterious man who live inside the castle, and begun his observation of Gatsby. Thus constantly into a fantasy of high society, and witnessed a story of the Gatsby, who pursuit of his dream and love, but finally sacrifices himself.

The costumes in the movie are gorgeous, fashionable and return to the ancients, which make people dazzled. Catherine Martin is the designer of this movie, she is an Australian costume designer, production designer, set designer, and film producer. Before they start filming the movie, Martin and her husband Luhrmann did a lot of research about 1920s and the novel, the two consulted academic texts about the novel, as well as historical analyses pertaining to both Fitzgerald himself, as well as his work. She also worked with her longtime friend Miuccia Prada. During this cooperation, they went to galleries, searched pictures and discussed the clothes in 1920s. Prada provided 40 sets of costumes for the film, and by the hands of Martin, toning, adding details, and considering decoration, restored the real style of Jazz Age, but also didn’t lose contemporary feeling.


“The Great Gatsby tells the story happened in the 1920s New York, but I want to touch the modern audience’s emotion and thinking.”Catherine said. “Even in the 21st century modern city, even if you don’t know much about the culture of the Jazz Age, I believe this film still can cause your empathy.”


Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market is one of my most favorite stores in London, actually it is not really like a store, more like a museum. This special market is made by Rei Kawakubo, a designer from Japan.

Dover Street Market is located in New Bond Street in London, near the Old Bond Street and Dover Street area, is modified by a Georgian style ancient building. The outside of the building is concept designed with the idea of Kensington Market, the purpose is to make a strong contrast between civilians’ market and noble fashion brand.


“I want to create a market, that a number of artists from all areas to create in the atmosphere of chaos, full of strong personalities, but also belong to the same family, they are from all directions to get together.” Rei Kawakubo said.

‘Beautiful Chaos’ is a big characteristic of Dover Street Market. From the inside space design to the decoration of products, Dover Street Market always let visitors have a lively feeling that they in a special market. For example, you may see a huge diamond shining on the an old wooden box.

Dover Street Market will renew the interior design every half year. During that time, the Dover Street Market will be closed for one week, and all invited designers from all over the world gathered in Dover Street Market to decorate their own space.


Fast and Slow Fashion

Slow fashion can be understood as a kind of fashion, which is more rational and longer lasting. To some extent, it allows designers to express their thoughts, rather than blindly follow behind the “popular fashion”. I think the slow fashion is emphasizes constancy, but also have unique character, which is hard to replicate.
The symbol of the slow fashion is classic, constancy and unique. Another sign of slow fashion is each detail was finely crafted and manual crafts are all originality. Such as, Chanel, Prada, Dior, Burberry and so on. More and more fashion brands pay more attention to slower, especially European traditional handicraft bags, leather goods, such as France and Italy brands. Slow fashion has increasingly penetrated into people’s life.
Fast fashion is originated in the middle of last century Europe, this is the rapid feedback and imitation to the design of fashion show. However fast fashion has more focused on the rapid response of the fashion shows’ design, and made close to the latest fashion products, cheaply into stores, and sold products to mainstream consumers. Such as Zara, H&M, ASOS and so on.
For me, I would prefer slow fashion. As it says, better quality and unique originality, people is paying for a “green fashion”, which seems like mostly for environmental consideration. The purpose like this has another advantage is that, more prolonged durable clothes, less waste, save more energy, promote the economy.


“A journey through the origins of CHANEL’s creations capturing the charismatic personality and irreverent spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.” This is the introduction of this Chanel exhibition.

From the whole journey, they separated to several parts,  perfume, materials, jewelry and clothes.

She start her design career with hat.During that time, Chanel take notice of the hats are smaller than people’s head, which is hard to keep stable and not useful. So she decided to design a bigger and not too elaborate decorations’ hat, and opened a store at Cambon Street in Paris.

The whole exhibition shows the strong personality of Chanel, concise and not too much fancy. The Chanel No.5 perfume is Embody a concentrated reflection of her design style, concise and clean. She kept everything of this perfume in a simple way, such as the name and design. The square bottle and the oblate bottle are represent two kinds of aesthetic taste of The Times.

Gabrielle Chanel was know as a famous woman, but less well-known as a designer of platinum and jewels. She think diamond represents the highest value in the most compressed form.

V&A Museum

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” By Nicholas Klein, address to the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. Baltimore, 1914.


This the fist words you will see when you visit Disobedient Objects, disobedient objects was an important key role in the cultures, no matter western or eastern countries, no matter Capitalist society or Communist society. From the late’ 70s to the present, although people who make those designs are not commercial designers, and even worked under duress with limited resources, they still did many amazing design and influenced the society and culture to saved more people who also oppressed.

                   L1000111 L1000128 L1000110                             L1000130 L1000131

Here are some handmade posters that against police, they think “It was necessary to speak truth to power.”. Social movements find out they should engaging tactically with the media, or finding ways to circumvent it and speak directly.


Rice Bag T-SHIRT (2005)

Thousands of Asian people get together in HongKong, and demand control of local food systems and policies and opposed the corporate globalisation of food markets promoted by the WTO. Some of them wore T-shirts made by rice bags, to show their opinion. It is really interesting to see people use normal material but shows a totally different meaning, this also could be a “new fashion”.


Inflatable Cobblestones (By Eclectic Electric Collective, in Berlin and Barcelona, 2012)


Guerrilla Girls

This is a really attractive exhibit, because when you walk by, you will really confused about why there is a sexy lady’s body with a gorilla head. Actually, when I first saw the exhibit, the gorilla mask is the first thing that I saw. Then I find out this exhibit is called Guerrilla Girls, they are a bunch of feminist artists set out to expose sexism, racism and corruption in the art world. They wear gorilla masks, and describe themselves as, ‘feminist masked avengers in the tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Wonder Woman and Batmen’. They try to use a funny and memorable way to make people laugh, think and then may makes them change their minds.


Tiki Love Truck (London and Texas, 2007)

There actually has a video near the truck, and it keeps shows how the artist make this unique truck. Even this truck looks a little bit scared to me, it still means a lot to against the death penalty. The man mask in the front of the truck is a person called John Joe ‘Ash’ Amador, who was sentenced to death by the state of Texas. So his friend British artist Carrie Reichardt and his family made this truck to commemorate his death. It is totally a new way that to show people’s death not as normal tombstones only have a white stone square, but has bright orange color, baby and  skull to decorated the Truck.

                                  L1000139             L1000140

All exhibits here had help human make a big step to changed the unfair society being better, because many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were won by disobedience.